Discover the benefits of using client emails and how to get started!

How to use client email templates?

We are constantly adding client email templates to reflect in-season products, client needs and product updates..

Most clients prefer communicating via email.


  1. Go to the Document Centre in the Advisor Centre.
  2. Choose an email topic you’re interested in and download it.
  3. Add your professional contact information.
  4. Add your clients’ email addresses.
  5. Add a subject line to your email.

Pour une marche à suivre détaillée,
veuillez consulter le guide courriels clients (pdf).

The advantages of using client emails

Start using them today! Thanks to Canada's anti-spam legislation and email filtering improvements, your messages will end up in your clients’ main inbox, making it more likely they will be read.

Here are several advantages to consider:

  • Contact multiple clients at the same time
  • Generate leads
  • Share your personalized links
  • Personalize emails with your contact information
  • Stay top of mind for your clients
  • Use bilingual tools
  • Benefit from constantly updated tools

Best practices

  • Keep the email simple: one key message, one action for the client.
  • Keep your client email list up to date.
  • If a client doesn't want to receive any more emails, remove them.
  • If an email comes back undelivered, you can contact the client to verify their contact information.
  • You may want to segment your clients based on the products they own to send them emails in line with their needs.