Increase your visibility and generate sales opportunities with your personalized web page.

Simple and free, this page promotes your services and provides access to your contact information on every page of the website.

Why have a personalized
web page?

Studies have shown that 73% of people want information about life insurance from their advisor’s website.

Order your personalized web page to get:

  • Your name and contact information everywhere on
  • Content that is relevant, up-to-date, compliant and bilingual
  • An optimal design that adapts to mobile devices
  • Increased visibility, particularly on Google, thanks to the iA brand

What your page will include:

  • A simple address (e.g.
  • Your picture
  • Your contact information
  • Your introductory text
  • The services you offer

Promote your page

Social media

Leverage your Facebook and LinkedIn pages to share your personalized web page with your network of contacts. You can also connect your web page to your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. These networks are the ideal platforms to promote your personalized web page.

Email signature

A great way to promote your web page is to add the link ( to your email signature, below your phone number. This makes it easy for anyone you email to access your page at the click of a button.

Business card

Once you have created your personalized web page, be sure to add the URL ( to your business cards. This will help all your new business contacts access your details.