With over 500 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s #1 professional social media site. LinkedIn lets you grow and broaden your network, and showcase your expertise to a niche business clientele.

Why you need a presence on LinkedIn

  • To develop your network of contacts and find potential clients
  • To showcase your skills and expertise
  • To promote your products and services
  • To stay informed about all the latest news in your line of business
  • To drive traffic to your personalized web page

Six tips for shining on LinkedIn

Be active and post content on a regular basis

To raise your profile, it is important to be active on LinkedIn by posting at least once a week and by sharing other users’ posts.

Keep your posts varied

Varying the content of your posts will boost your chances attracting more interest from followers. Keep your posts varied by posting content from iA Financial Group and your line of business, and by sharing posts from other LinkedIn members and groups.

Use top-quality images

Always use top-quality images and visuals provided by the company. Like your business card, your LinkedIn profile is a representation of you and must reflect a professional image

Stay in contact with your clients

One way to maintain a close business relationship with your clients is to add them to your LinkedIn network after you meet with them. This will help them learn about your services and expertise and increase the likelihood they will contact you for a future transaction.

Maximize your connections

On LinkedIn, every connection represents a new opportunity. The more connections you make, the broader your network of contacts and the greater the number of potential clients. The key is to make sure the people you add to your network are acquaintances or people who have the same interests as you. Don’t add just anyone.

Pay attention to errors

Project a professional image by posting texts that are free of grammar and spelling errors. Take the time to read over your text more than once before you post it, and ask a friend or colleague to review it if need be. One trick is to copy and paste your text into a Word document. The spell and grammar checker will highlight most errors.

Some ideas for posts

  • Tell your followers about our current contests and promotions
  • Educate your followers by posting Did you know? and True or false? quizzes about your line of business
  • Share interesting posts about your line of business, such as articles you have read in business journals
  • Share posts from the iA Financial Group LinkedIn page
  • Share articles from the Advice Zone and other pages on the site


To help you get started, we have created a few ready-to-use sample posts. You can simply copy and paste these texts into your LinkedIn profile.

See samples

Useful documents

To help you find even more exposure online, we are providing guides that will help you develop your online business, as well as images and videos to enhance your presence.

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