Creating your professional Facebook page

With 2 billion users, Facebook is vital for online visibility. It’s a social network where it’s possible to promote products and services. So, you need to be there!

To begin with, fill out the Approval form for advertising materials and have it approved by your Branch manager, RVP and the Communications Department.

The benefits of being active on social media

  • Grow your professional network
  • Maintain good relationships with your clients
  • Reach new clients
  • Increase your brand awareness and visibility

5 easy steps to create your page!

Once your request form has been approved:


Consult this procedure for creating your page.



Enter your full name and title. For the category, enter “Insurance Company”.

E.g.: Jeanne Laconseillère, Financial Security Advisor.


In the description/bio, enter “iA Financial Group”.

E.g.: Jeanne Laconseillère, Financial Security Advisor with iA Financial Group.


Cover photo: Add one of the company’s official cover photos. To do so, download the photo that best suits you, available in the resource centre.


Profile photo: You must use your business photo, which is the one used on your business card, or another similar photo.



Advisors who already have a professional Facebook page are asked to incorporate at least the three following items:

  • An official company cover photo
  • Their business profile photo
  • Their name and title followed by “at Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.” in the Description section. E.g.: Jane Theadvisor, Financial Security Advisor at Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.

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